MACOR® Glass Ceramic

MACOR® is a Mica-glass ceramic, which is unique as it can be maschined in fired condition with conventional tools.
The material is supplied in round- or square-bars and as sheets in standard sizes.
It is used for producing special components in small sizes and quanteties.

Colour: White
Density: 2,5 g/cm3
Hardness: 48 Rockwell A / Vickers 400

General properties:

  • Heat-resistant up to 1000 °C
  • Thermic and electrical insulating
  • Non-porous surface
  • Dimensional stable and can be maschined to tight tolerances

Aluminium Oxide / Alumina Al2O3

Alumina is supplied in different purities ( from 92% to 99,7% Al203). The material can also be stabilized with Zirconia to give it a greater mechanical strength.
Alumina is mainly supplied as a finished parts.

Colour: White
Hardness: Vickers ca. 1800 kg/mm2 (= 9 mohs, diamant = 10)
Density: 3,9 g/cm3

Available in porous and non-porous version.

Generel properties:

  • Heat resistant up to aprox. 1500 °C.
  • Wear resistant
  • Thermic and electrical isolating
  • Dimensionel stable.
  • Chemical resistant

Zirconia ZrO2

Zircona has the greatest mechanical touhgness and strength.
It is supplied as finsihed parts, round- and squares. Maschinable only with diamond tools. Zirconia can be stabilized with Ytriumoxide or Manganiseoxide.

Colour: White
Hardness: Vickers ca. 1.250 – 1500 kg/mm2
Density: 6,0 g/cm3

General properties:

  • Heatresistant up to aprox. 1500 °C
  • Wear resistant
  • High toughness
  • Thermic isolating and chok resistant
  • Chemical resistant


Carbon/Graphite comes in different qualities and also as composit materials.
It is supplied as finished units or as bricks, sheets or tubes.

Colour: Black

General properties:

  • Extreme high heat resistant in inert atmosphere (up to 3000 °C.)
  • Thermic and electrical conductive
  • Chemical resistant
  • Low surface friction

Silicium Carbide SiC

Silicum Carbide is an artificial mineral, which has a very strong covalent binding. It is harder than Alumnia and Silicium Nitride and has especially great friction-wear qualities. The material is excellent chemical resistant.

Colour: Black
Hardness: Vickers 2800 kg/mm2
Density: 3,2 kg/cm3

General properties:

  • Heat resistant up til 1400 °C
  • Thermic and electrical conductive
  • Extremely wear and friction qualities
  • Chemical resistant

Silicium Nitride Si3N4

Silicium Nitride
It is delivered as finished parts in squares and round rods or tubes and can only be maschined with diamond tools.
Silicium Nitride is available in different qualities for different usages.

Colour: White / grey / black.
Hardness: Vickers 1600 kg/mm2
Density: 3,2/cm3

General properties:

  • Heatresistant up to approx. 1200 °C
  • Very high thermic chock resistant
  • Low thermic extension coefficient
  • Great mechanical strength, especially at high temperatures
  • Wear- and chemical resistant.

Boron nitride

Boron Nitride comes in different qualities (Grade A, grade ZSBN, Grade HP, Grade AX05) with different mechanical characteristics.
The material is supplied as finsihed parts, squares and round rods and sheets, and it can be maschined with conventional tools to narrow tolerances.

Colour: Off-white / grey.

General properties:

  • High heat resistant op to 1800 °C in inert atmosphere
  • Thermic conductive and low heat expansion coefficient
  • Extremely thermic and electrical chockresistant.
  • Dimensional stabil